Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 - The Day We Will Always Remember

Ten years ago, this day changed not only the US, but the entire world. It changed the way things are done, it changed the way we all think.  That day united a lot of people, as well as tore many families apart. On that day, many people lost their spouses, parents, children, ect.

On that day, I took a day off from school and stayed home. I turned on the radio when I first heard the story, but it sounded too tragic to be real. That station had a tendency to recap popular shows and movies, so I figured they were doing just that. Then I turned on the TV and realized that this was all real.

On that day, Chicago completely shut down. They closed most of the stores, most of the banks, most of the schools and other places. When my father was driving home from work during the rush hour, he said he was like the only car on the road.

It was the day we will always remember.


  1. It's a very sad day, Angelina. Thank you for this tribute. I was at a meeting at work at 9:00 and my boss told us around 10:00, "America is under attack by terrorists". So scary. I remember it as being such a gorgeous day. My brother in law worked in the Sears Tower then, and I know a lot of Chicagoans were frightened.

  2. Well seeing I was in Australia, I heard the news and almost fainted. Hated hated what happened. It made me so angry filling with hatred against terrorists. It rocked us Aussies.