Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Author: Danica Avet

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: 3

Word Count: 83, 780

ISBN: 978-1-77130-011-7

Editor: Karyn White

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry DesignsPlease welcome, author Danica Avet, to the blog.

AR: Tell me about this series, how did it come about? 

DA: One day I just heard this crazy woman in my head (this happens a lot and no, I’m not insane). She kept talking about shoes and clothes and kicking ass and how much she hated working for the Greek gods. The next thing I knew, Roxana Love was born along with a whole world where the mythological pantheons still run things, but do it behind a corporate façade.

AR: Who is your heroine and what are some of the conflicts she faces? 

DA: Roxana Love is a half-giant, half-maenad (her mother was a follower of the god of wine, Dionysus) who works as an enforcer for the Greek pantheon, otherwise known as Olympus, Inc. She acts as a bodyguard, babysitter, and investigator at times, especially when it comes to searching out the half-mortal children of the gods. She doesn’t want to work for Olympus, Inc., but they threaten to harm her brother and it turns out she’s damn good at her job.

Her biggest problem, after being blackmailed into working for the gods, is that she has trust issues. And can you blame her?

AR: Who is the hero and what conflicts does he face? 

DA: Mason Landry is a bartender in south Louisiana. He’s an easy-going guy who has this problem with accidentally hurting people. He’s an orphan, was raised in foster homes, and joined a gang at a young age to have a feeling of belonging. Now that he’s older though, he wants to just live a regular life.

Then Roxana walks into his bar and turns his normal life upside down. And as if that isn’t enough, she tells him he’s the grandson of the king of gods, Zeus, and the son of Heracles, the greatest hero in Greek mythology. Yeah, he soo believes that!

AR: Where did you get the idea for this series? Who or what was your inspiration? 

DA: I’m going to show my age here, but I’ve always been fascinated by mythology because of Clash of the Titans. Y’all remember the old one, right? With the really bad special effects and that guy with the deeply cleft chin? Yeah, I loved that movie. In fact, I can’t help but watch it when I can. I haven’t seen the new one yet though, so don’t tell me how good it is.

This series is my way of combining my love of mythology with my History degree and the modern world. The gods have powers. They have computers and cell phones. Yeah, bad combination ;)

AR: As a reader, what kind of books do you like to read? 

DA: I read nearly every kind of romance I can get my hands on. I adore Kresley Cole, J.R. Ward, Shelly Laurenston, Charlotte Stein, Cherise Sinclair, Gena Showalter, and several other authors. Okay, so I read a lot!



Olympus, Inc. Series, Book 1

Enforcer Roxana Love works for Olympus, Inc., the corporate face of the Greek pantheon, and knows better than to trust anyone in administration. Assigned to find and protect the newest member of Olympus, Inc., she figures it’ll be a grab and go job, until she discovers her assignment is the same man she slept with the night before. Keeping things professional will be near impossible when she can’t decide if she wants to kill or kiss him.

One night with Roxana isn’t enough for Mason Landry, despite how crazy she seems. However, he isn’t given much choice when he’s thrown through his window, attacked by mythical beings, and told he’s part-immortal. Roxana’s explanation is too fantastical to believe, but if it keeps him by her side, he’ll go along for the ride. Meeting gods and dodging monsters from lore is nothing compared to the fight he’ll have winning Roxana’s heart.

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