Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With the Old

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of 2012! It seems like we just rang this year in a few days ago, and already we are kicking it out like some unwanted guest.

Actually, where 2012 is concerned, I'm ready to open the door and nicely escort this year out. Not that it was a bad one, per se, but it was just a very boring one.

If 2012 were a person, he or she would be a party-pooper who wouldn't dare have a drink, but would judge others who do. So clearly, this year will not be missed.

While there is no love lost between me and '12, there were a few milestones for this year. The big thing that happened this year was my divorce back in April. Besides that, publishing seemed to go pretty well for me this year, and I managed to have several things published. Here's the full list!

menage erotic romance

sensual romantic suspense

erotic paranormal romance

erotic paranormal romance

erotic menage contemporary romance

erotic fantasy romance 

How was 2012 to you? Will you miss seeing it go? Or will you threaten to file a restraining order against it if it wants to stay?


  1. 2012 was pretty good to you (and that includes the divorce). :o)

    The only thing I remember about mine is that I lost two puppies and nearly lost Tank. It's wrenched my heart in so many ways. I'm happy to see 2012 go into the sunset.

  2. So sorry about your 2012, Maria. I remember both puppies. It's so sad that they both went so young.

    I'm glad Tank is okay.

    Wishing you a really great 2013 to make up for the bad '12.

  3. 2012 was filled with many ups and far more downs that some would care to shake a stick out. It had its historical moments that will live in infamy and others that just never should have happened. But what's done is done and certain necessary cuts have been made (Congrats for your divorce and beginning the process of moving on) and some great additions were done. Another Congrats for the sales!!!

    May 2013 be happy and prosperous!